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Thank you so much for being here. I'm on a mission to prove that living a holistic, healthy life is achievable and more importantly- FUN!

Being healthy is cool!

Being healthy is cool!

Whether you’re just starting out in your health journey, have been at it for years, or are just starting to consider making changes – you know how awesome it can be! It feels SO good to see positive changes in your body, skin, attitude, mood and overall well-being.

Unfortunately, you may also know the struggle and push back you may receive from family, friends, significant others, co-workers, and peers. Sadly, this just comes with the territory. People won’t always understand WHY you would ever consider not eating dairy (but PIZZA THOUGH?!), why you'd choose that yoga class over happy hour, or why you'd download that awesome new meditation app, but I’m here to tell you that that is OKAY! Try to imagine yourself three, five or even one year ago. Would you have reacted the same way? I can honestly say – I probably would have! Everyone is on their own path and can and will make changes in their own time.

It can be a struggle always feeling like you have to explain yourself and not feeling like you will be accepted when speaking your truth. When it starts eating away at you, remember how far you’ve come. Remember how much better you feel and how much your life has improved. Most importantly, remember who you are and the rest will fall into place.

If you ever need a friendly reminder of why you’re doing this and why it is all worth it, I put together some of my top “whys” below! Please share yours with me as well in the comments :) 

·        Your past, present & future self will thank you. You deserve a beautiful, happy, healthy life!

·        As you give yourself the love and attention you deserve, your relationship with loved ones will grow and flourish.

·        You will meet amazing, inspiring new people who will open your mind to concepts and ideas you would have never known.

·        You will learn so much about yourself, the power of your intuition and the universe.

·        You will look better! Who wouldn't want that?!

·        You’re going to be able to show up as your best self in everything you do. Whatever/whoever is important to you will thank you - whatever it may be - your career, your friends, children, your family, your pets, or your plants!

·        Slowly but surely, you’ll learn to forgive yourself. For major things and minor things alike. You’re human and you make mistakes!

·        You will begin to unlearn harmful habits. Maybe it’s giving up that daily diet coke, quitting smoking or making an effort to stop self-deprecating.  

·        Hopefully, you will learn to cook. This is a life-changing skill that will give you so many new healthy options and not to mention, make you a great host!

·        You’ll have a positive effect on the environment. Choosing organic and sustainable food and household products will not only do you good, but our awesome planet too!

Sweet Potato Red Pepper (Nut Free!) Vegan Mac

Sweet Potato Red Pepper (Nut Free!) Vegan Mac

Why Clean Beauty? Plus, My favorite products!

Why Clean Beauty? Plus, My favorite products!